Skilled operator
  • Bellaire, Ohio
  • March 22, 2021

To summarize, I am a punctual, and very skilled operator. I take pride in my work, and enjoy working hard. I believe my work is a representation of myself, and I love to look good

Phone Number


General education @ Liberty County High-School
Jan 2012 — Jan 2016

General education.
Veriforce OQ’s for hotline digs, heavy equipment operation


Operator @ Sunland Construction
Mar 2018 — Apr 2021

* Experience operating the following equipment:
* Excavators
* Front end loaders
* Dump trucks
* Skid Steers
* Dozers
* With the equipment I’m able to perform the following duties
* Finish grade, Restoration
* Ditching, Trenching
* Unload trucks, Semis with various materials
* Work on any terrain
* Abundant experience with steep grade, and tied off to winch cable.
* Building roads, accesses, bore pits , bail holes.
* Straw boss (Boss of laborers)
* Labor hand for the following crews:
* ROW Crew
* Tie in (Pipe assembly)
* Bolt up Crew (Compressor station and pad assembly)
* Mainline Crew (Ditching and pipe assembly)
* Environmental crew (installing ECD’s (erosion control devices)
* Ditching Crew (proper oversight of digging ditch for pipe)
* Stringing crew (loading and unloading semi’s loaded with pipe sections, placing them along the ROW.
* Coordinated with team members to maintain comprehensive oversight of ROW operations.
* Finished grade runs and cleaned equipment to meet maintenance standards.
* Worked in secure environments to protect equipment and personnel with correct operation of heavy machinery.
* Operated excavators, front end loaders, dump trucks, dozers, marookas and skid steers in line with strict safety and production guidelines.
* Controlled quality of finished products with regular inspections and non-destructive tests.
* Read and understood the production orders to complete accurate work and minimize wasted resources.
* Cleaned and organized work areas to remove safety hazards and maintain minimum level of production errors.
* Inspected finished products to verify conformity to quality standards.
* Fed, placed, and unloaded items to contribute to efficient production.
* Any position you place me in, the duties will be done proficiently if put into my hands.