AmalgaNation, Inc.

AmalgaNation, Inc.

We are on a mission to empower small businesses to make great hires.

Hi! We are AmalgaNation. In this introduction, we explain why and how we help small businesses solve problems through great talent. Enjoy and thanks for checking us out!

Not One Person Ever Did It Alone…

Do you have a fire burning deep inside of your gut? A feeling that says, “you can be more” or “it can be better”? Many small business owners, or those aspiring to start a small business, have this feeling. But the problem is that there is only so much one person can do.

The truth is that “more” or “better” are very achievable and your gut isn’t lying to you. The reality is that people can only do so much by themselves.
No matter what we see on social media, read in the news, or consume on TV: No one person has ever done it alone.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service if you don’t have the support you need. A business has so many moving parts and to sustain (or grow) it requires an enormous amount of effort.

Even if you have the best product in the world you still need to: manufacture, distribute, put it in front of people, sell it, and even understand your finances. Get the point?

If you know someone who is an expert in every facet of business, please stop reading and let us know. If that is the case, we should all close our doors now because we cannot compete with them.


Post a Job on Our Job Board, Get Gigs Done in Our Freelance Marketplace, or Let Us Provide Agency Quality Services for Less.

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Which Will You Find First...Great Help or the Fountain of Youth?

The idea that “everyone needs help” is what we are all about. AmalgaNation exists to help small businesses with whatever problems they are having. And we do it by providing a variety of ways to work with great people.

Throughout history, finding great help has been tough for small businesses. Why? Large corporations tend to have more appeal, resources and career-boosting opportunities. That’s why talent companies showcase their big business customers and not small businesses. For example, it’s very rare you see ‘Tom’s Flower Shop’ under a “Our Customers” section on a website.

This is ironic, isn’t it? 99.9% of businesses in America are small. Yet, the 0.01% of businesses are the ones that everyone wants to help. These are also the businesses with money and resources that most of cannot even fathom.

When it comes time to find help, many small businesses cannot even afford to post a job ad, Why? They have to pay the same rates as the big businesses that everyone wants using their services.

So instead of taking your budget into consideration, you will have to pay $100 or more to post a job ad. If you want to use a recruiter, you will have to pay 20%-25% on top of the salary you agree to with your new employee. If you want a temporary worker, you will pay an outrageous transaction fee (15% or more) every time you swipe a card.

We Get You and We’ve Got Your Back…

We decided enough was enough and made a solution to level the playing field for small business.

AmalgaNation truly takes the small business owner into account. We are a small business too, so we know what you are going through. We know that time is scarce, budgets are tight, and that there are a lot of areas in business that we don’t have knowledge in. Additionally, we know it can get pretty scary out there!

We took a one-stop shop approach when creating our solution.

If you need a temporary worker for a one-off project – we have a freelance marketplace.

If you have a project you need done by a temporary worker, but don’t have time to manage it – we will do it for you.

Need a role filled in your company? We have a job board that has many of the same premium features as the “big boards” without the outrageous posting price.

One thing that we have, that most companies in our space do not, is your back. Everything we do at AmalgaNation is to help your company become better. If your company becomes better it is a trickle down effect. The local community becomes better. Your life, and your employee’s lives become better. And the small business community as a whole becomes better.

At AmalgaNation, it’s not about making a hire. It’s about making an impact. How can we help you?

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