About us

We empower small businesses to makes great hires.

Our Story: Fighting for the 99%

While enrolled as graduate students at Villanova, Tyler and Lyonel noticed an interesting trend. Lessons, internships, and guest speakers revolve around Fortune 500 companies.

What about small businesses? They do make up over 99% of America’s firms after all.

On a class trip to South Africa, they met with many small businesses and entrepreneurs. The individuals were talented and companies made awesome products – so why weren’t they growing? They lacked access to the people they needed to take their companies to the next level.

Upon touching back down in the U.S. their purpose became clear: to help small businesses find top level talent. And so, AmalgaNation was born.

The company began as a freelance marketplace to help small businesses get temporary help. Since then, a job board and agency services have been launched to help small businesses fill their needs.

The company continues to find ways to keep empowering small businesses to make great hires.


Our Mission

To empower small businesses to make great hires.


Our Vision

To be the place small businesses turn to first when they need to find workers and the place job seekers count on for great opportunities.


Our Approach

Good old-fashioned hard work and genuinely caring about each person who trusts us to fill a role for them. We will always do what’s right and what’s best for our customers.

Need to find workers?

If you need help choosing a solution - reach out to us. We will find the right solution for your and help you find the right fit for your role.